What is a graduate position?

Graduate positions are structured professional development roles designed specifically for new or recent graduates. You typically commence a graduate role directly after completing your final year of study; most programs require completion of your degree within the previous two years to be eligible to apply.


The benefits of a graduate program include a supportive environment, an opportunity to work in a number of different roles during a rotational schedule, on-the-job training and mentoring, and an emphasis on learning and development. Programs generally range in length from one to three years, and may include rotational or fixed roles within a specific department.


Graduate roles carry entry level responsibilities. But you should also expect to manage important projects and play a significant role within your department or team. Whether you are part of a large program of 50 or more graduates, or are the only graduate in your organisation, you’ll develop valuable skills to carry throughout your career. You’ll be challenged and have to think on your feet in a range of professional environments.


When do I need to start preparing?

If you are in your final year of study, don’t leave it until November to think about career options!
Most employers recruit for their graduate programs from as early as February in the year prior to graduates starting employment. The sooner you arm yourself with all the relevant information the better placed you’ll be to land a great graduate job!


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