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For example, did you know that …


… In 2011, the median starting salary for bachelor degree graduates aged less than 25 and in their first full-time employment was $50,000, up from $49,000 in 2010.


The median starting salary for both male and female graduates was $52,000 and $50,000 respectively (both increased by $2,000 from their 2010 figures).


Dentistry remained the highest-paid field of education at $80,000, followed by:

  • optometry ($70,000)
  • earth sciences (geology, geophysics, soil mechanics, geodesy, surveying, cartography)  ($65,000)
  • engineering ($60,000)
  • medicine ($58,500).


The largest growth in median starting salary between 2010 and 2011 was observed in the fields of:

  • earth sciences ($11,000)
  • dentistry ($5,000)
  • engineering ($4,000).


Employers generally consider a graduate’s interpersonal and communication skills to be their most important selection criterion when evaluating prospective employees. (Graduate Outlook 2012, GCA.)


According to surveyed employers, the three most important aspects of a graduate’s CV or résumé are (1) their employment history, (2) their academic results and qualifications, and (3) a statement detailing their career goals and objectives. (Graduate Outlook 2012, GCA.)


Work experience counts: 80% of bachelor degree graduates who undertook any paid work in their final year of study had secured full-time jobs within four months of course completion. The figure for graduates who undertook no work was 62%. (Graduate Destinations 2011, GCA; Australian citizens and permanent residents only.)


When surveyed shortly after course completion, 94% of bachelor degree graduates indicated that they were broadly satisfied with the quality of their course. (Graduate Course Experience 2011, GCA.)


*Information provided by Graduate Careers Australia,


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