Responses from the recent GO student survey, which asked students ‘Tell us your thoughts about the job hunting process‘.


  • I feel that there are great opportunities out there for graduates, however it is extremely competitive and that is where all resources are invaluable!


  • I was very overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the current job market. Graduate Opportunities helped in outlining some top career opportunities.


  • use free resources such as GO!  Thank you for the tips GO team!


  • The job market is tough so toughen up! If rejected, bounce back up and go again!


  • Take time with your application including tailoring the letter and CV to your target.


  • Knowledge and experience are compulsory, yet it is who you know that makes a difference, so always be prepared to meet people and advocate for yourself.


  • Clean up your social media footprint! I guarantee you most employers seem to check it!


  • It’s out there – so you have to get out there too – to find it. Become visible, start talking, think positive and keep looking, think laterally.

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