Flinders University aims to be the source of Australia’s most enterprising graduates, who have a strong sense of integrity, courage, innovation and excellence.

The Careers and Employability Service has a specialist Employer Engagement team ready to connect you with our students and recent graduates – the future workforce. We can help you promote vacancies to Flinders students, identify opportunities for employer-student engagement, raise your profile as an employer of choice and provide customised recruitment support.

If you are looking to host a Flinders student in a work placement or project, employ enterprising and creative career-ready graduates, or be involved in an on-campus employer presentation, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in accessing our student talent and meeting your current and future recruitment needs.

Careers and Employability Service

Location: Bedford Park, SA
Postal Address: GPO Box 2100 Adelaide SA 5001
Telephone: +61 8 8201 2832
Homepage: www.flinders.edu.au/careers
Email: careers@flinders.edu.au
University Homepage: www.flinders.edu.au

Services and Programs
■Free online job and event listings ■Targeted email and social media postings ■ On-campus employer visits and information sessions ■ Multidisciplinary and degree specific work-integrated and internship programs ■ Applicant shortlisting and referral ■ Bespoke careers expos ■ Industry mentoring programs ■ Horizon Professional Development Program ■ Employer contributed workshops ■ Flinders Leadership program


Interview/meeting rooms ■ Lecture theatres ■ Audio visual equipment ■ Videoconferencing

■Catering ■ Parking.

Equity Groups

We are able to assist you with recruitment of candidates from various equity groups or put you in touch with our Office of Indigenous Strategy and Engagement.

Fields of Education
■ Arts ■ Allied Health ■ Behavioural Sciences, ■ Business & Finance ■ Computing & Information Technology ■ Culture & Heritage ■ Education ■ Engineering ■ Environment ■ Government & Policy ■  International Affairs ■ Law & Justice ■ Media ■ Medicine ■ Nursing and Midwifery ■ Sciences ■ Psychology ■ Tourism

For a complete listing of degree programs and subjects, please go to www.flinders.edu.au/courses


Nina Tabor
T: +61 8 8201 5787
E: nina.tabor@flinders.edu.au

Employer Engagement Manager
Nalini Klopp
T: +61 8 8201 5247
E: nalini.klopp@flinders.edu.au

Graduate Recruitment Coordinator

Philippa Spencer
T: +61 8 8201 2220

E: philippa.spencer@flinders.edu.au




Science & Technology Joblink Summit

Thursday 14 March 2019, 10am-1pm

Flinders University, Tonsley Campus 1284 South Road, Tonsley

Business & Government Joblink Summit

Thursday 14 March 2019, 5-7:30pm

Flinders University, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia

Law Careers Evening

Friday 8 March 2019, 4pm-6pm

Flinders University, Victoria Square Campus

Society and The Arts Joblink Summit

Monday 18 March 2019, 10am-1pm

Flinders University, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia


Teaching & Education Joblink Summit

Tuesday April 16 2019, 10:30am-2:15pm

Flinders University, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia


Federal Government Joblink Summit – Date TBC

Flinders University, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia


Nursing & Midwifery Joblink Summit – Date TBC

Flinders University, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia


Health & Community Service Joblink Summit - Date TBC

Flinders University, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia


For further information, please contact Flinders Careers & Employability Service careers@flinders.edu.au or 82012832