The University of Waikato achieves excellence in many ways. The Waikato Management School is the leader of its type in New Zealand. Our Law School, by virtue of its emphasis on law in context and Treaty law, produces graduates who are prized for their unique ability to relate to the needs of a bi-cultural New Zealand. We have the country’s only School of Maori and Pacific Development.


We have huge research and teaching strengths in Biotechnology, Climate Change, Resource Management, Psychology, Geography, Demography, Earth Sciences, Education and many other disciplines.


Careers and Employment Centre

The University of Waikato - Hamilton

Career Development Services

Gate 1 Knighton Road

Private Bag 3105


Tel: +64 7 838 4439



University Switchboard: +64 7 856 2889

University Homepage:


The University of Waikato - Tauranga

Maharaia Building

70 Windermere Drive, Poike

Private Bag 12027

Tauranga 3142
Tel: +64 7 571 0190


Services and Programs
Annual Careers Fairs @ Waikato ■ Collection of student applications on behalf of employers ■ Direct mail and email service to selected target groups ■ Employer information presentations arranged and promoted ■ Interview schedules arranged ■ Current vacancies advertised on internal Waikato Careers website ■ On-site job board for current vacancies ■ Display opportunities for resources and promotional materials.


Modern, fully equipped lecture theatres ■ Interview rooms ■ Parking ■ Audiovisual equipment ■ Skype – videoconferencing ■ Careers-specific noticeboards ■ Catering.


Fields of Education
Accounting, Communication Studies, Computer Graphic Design, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, E-commerce, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Planning, Finance, Human Resources, Humanities & Social Sciences, Industrial Relations, International Management, Law, Linguistics, Management, Management Communications, Management Systems/Information Systems, Maori, Maori & Pacific Development, Marketing, Materials & Process Engineering, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Politics, Public Policy, Science, Science & Technology, Screen & Media Studies, Sport & Leisure Studies, Statistics, Teaching, Theatre Studies, Tourism Management/Studies.


Careers Services Coordinator and Student Support Advisor:
Samantha Whittle
T: +64 7 856 2889 ext. 6264

Careers Advisor:
Sharon Jefferies
T: +64 7 856 2889 ext 8571


Careers Fairs 2017

To be Advised – Accounting / Commerce

To Be Advised – General

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