With the variety of careers available today, choosing your own path is not a straight-forward task! There’s a lot of pressure on young men and women to know EXACTLY what industry they want to work in, what role they want to take on and whether or not further study is appropriate! O V E R L O A D.

Take a gap year: take some time away from the pressure of decision-making and give yourself a break. Perhaps taking a job for a year in a foreign country will expand your mind and get the creative juices flowing: http://www.graduateopportunities.com/your-career/starting-your-career/working-around-the-world/

Mind map-it: map out your strengths, weakness, what you enjoy doing in your spare time, your values and your personality traits. These things can help you realise what kind of career you would be most suited to. Is there something that matches up with most if not all of these things?

What are your life goals? Working out what is important to you may have an influence on the kind of career you choose. Is flexible work important to you? Would like a family in the future? Perhaps your eager to work hard and don’t mind long hours? What kind of salary are you happy to live on?

You’re not locked in: you’re not shackled to one career till the end of your days! Rather than worrying about what to do for the rest of your life, the best thing you can do is make a decision for right now. Who knows – you may end up working 3 kinds of careers in your lifetime.

Career counselling: your university provides free advice and guidance to its students. Seek out the help of someone with the appropriate training to help you make your decision.

Research the job market: are there a handful of careers you are considering? Look into their job prospects (www.joboutlook.gov.au/) and their expected salaries (http://www.graduatecareers.com.au/research/gradjobsdollars/)

Give yourself a break: don’t worry about finding ‘the perfect job’ – start with a job you think you’d like to try and start from there!

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