Consultant, KPMG
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Canberra


My degree in Commerce led me towards KPMG as they offered variety in the work and open opportunities. I have always had an interest in the business sector and I feel that KPMG has provided me with a number of skills through its broad service offerings, which have consolidated the understanding I developed from my degree.

My Experience at KPMG

In my graduate year I worked in the Private Enterprise service line and had the opportunity to complete the financial statements and tax returns from beginning to end, but also had some great opportunities to get involved business advisory. I have been given chances to get really involved in both the strategic and operational challenges and a diverse range of private sector clients.

I also had the opportunity to experience work in the advisory service line in our financial management service line conducting financial viability analysis, costing and financial reporting in both the private and public sector.


My best advice for you

I found it important to be involved in additional extra-curricular activities outside of my degree such as part time jobs, team sports and societies at the University. These activities have helped build strong social skills which have been integral to maintaining client relationships.


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