Before you pop the sparkling – take some time to consider a few points ahead of accepting your job offer! Although you may be eager to say ‘yes’ without a second thought, there are a couple of important things that will affect your new job and the lifestyle that comes with it!

You just got the call! Congratulations, you aced it! Here are some last minute questions that you may want to ask before locking yourself down:

How does this company support professional development and career growth?
Staying in touch with your industry (attending conferences/forums) and keeping your technical skills and knowledge fresh (PD courses) are pretty important for any future work opportunities.

What kind of opportunities are there for this role to develop into?
Are you hoping to move up in your career? Make sure the role you will be attached to has the opportunity to develop into a more senior role. Ask: ‘what kind of career path does this role have?’

Can you tell me a little about the company culture?
Your work environment is fairly important in keeping an upbeat attitude. Companies want their employees coming in to work happy, so they generally have social events during the year. Ask: ‘what kind of team-building activities are there during the year?’

So you’ve verbally accepted? Over the next few days, there are a couple of things you may want to review:

Ensure you have a written job description and offer that covers your title, salary, compensation, responsibilities and deliverables
Ensure you are familiar with your duties and responsibilities – as they will be used in a performance review in the future. Other important parts of the contract to look carefully at are the Termination of Service, Leave Benefits and any Special Clauses.

What is your probation period? What is your notice period?

Ask yourself: Does this job allow for the lifestyle you want?

What’s important to you in your day to day life? What kind of hours are you happy to work? Will the company allow flexible work? How long is the commute – is it just a bit too long? Make sure that if you have to commute 3 hours total every day, you’ll be happy doing it.

…And finally, some important points to discuss and confirm with your new employer:

Your Job title. Are you happy with your job title? If not, now is the time to speak up. Consider how your job title may look on your resume for future job opportunities.

Work hours and schedule. Do you prefer to start your day at the super early hour of 7am? And prefer to knock off in the afternoon? Talk to your employer and see if they are happy for you to set your own hours.

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