Civil Engineer, Arup

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Diploma in Engineering Practice. University of Technology, Sydney


I spent my days in highschool first wanting to be a lawyer and then an accountant. Never did engineering cross my mind. It wasn’t until my final year of highschool when I was attending university open days that I discovered the field of engineering. I was hooked instantly.

I specifically chose a degree that gave me the opportunity to work in the field and learn from doing rather than reading from a textbook.

Now working as an engineer I enjoy being able to develop solutions to difficult problems by interacting with lots of people and stakeholders that all have competing needs. I take it as a challenge and love the satisfaction of delivering an end product that I know is best for the client, the environment, the local community and everybody’s back pocket.


My Experience at Arup

I started working with Arup in 2010 as an Undergraduate Civil Engineer. In this role I have the opportunity to work on several large projects such as the Pacific Highway Upgrade, Sydney Light Rail and Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal. I learnt the fundamentals of civil engineering such as using AutoCAD and the importance of delivering projects within timeframes and budgets.

Once I graduated from university I was offered a graduate position with Arup that I accepted. Since then I have been lucky to work on another section of the Pacific Highway, Canberra Light Rail and now I am in Perth working on the Great Northern Highway. I have developed my technical knowledge in drainage design and highway design and I am looking forward to possibly getting some site experience in the coming months. I have also had the opportunity to work with 3 other consulting firms in the industry, which helps with networking and even just making friends.

I was fortunate that my transition from university life to full time work has been seamless. My experience as an undergraduate has helped me greatly. It has given me a better understanding of how the concepts that are taught at university are actually applied in the real world and an appreciation for the bigger picture.


My best advice for you

My advice to students who are studying is to definitely seek work experience as soon as you can. It makes learning the concepts at university a lot easier.

For those that are seeking work I recommend researching the companies. I didn’t appreciate it at first but every company has a different workplace and working culture. Employers are looking for people who will fit in well with their team. So find people and companies that you have similar things in common with you and that have a company mission or values that resonate with you. And then highlight how you would fit in well.

Ultimately I think I was successful in the interview because I demonstrated my eagerness to learn and willingness to try anything. I am a firm believer that opportunities come to those who are open to trying new things and working hard.


Applications for Arup’s Australian Grad program open March 2016 – with Singapore applications open now!

Read more about Arup on their profile, or read more on their website now.

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