Senior Credit Analyst, Bank of Melbourne & Finsia

Bachelor of Business. Monash University


I enjoy the challenge of working through complex business structures in order to find the best solutions to clients’ strategies and business needs.   


My Experience with Finsia

I started my career with Bank of Melbourne on the graduate program and have moved through other divisions including Commercial Bank and Asset Recoveries prior to my current role.

As a FINISA Young Finance Professionals committee member, I have been able to expand my network, lead and influence in FINSIA’s strategies and deliver presentations at events.   These opportunities have been recognized by my senior leaders and many leadership opportunities have been made available as a result.


My best advice for you

Never underestimate the value of a network.  It is crucial you learn how to network effectively as the Finance Industry is a small world.  A comprehensive network can provide sponsors who will back you through a job application, give you access to mentors who will guide you through and referrals who can widen your prospective client base.


You can enrol with FINSIA year round

Read more about Finsia on their profile, or apply on their website now.

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