Graduate, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Master of Public Policy and Management. University of Melbourne


I studied languages as an undergraduate and then worked as a journalist in South America, writing about major infrastructure and energy projects. I built up a strong interest in resources and energy and wanted to get involved in writing policy rather than writing about it. I decided to study public policy and start a career in the public service. As energy and resources fall under the Industry portfolio, the department’s graduate programme was the ideal pathway for me.


My Experience at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

The two-year graduate programme offers a broad range of opportunities. My roles so far have included helping cut red tape for Australian business, doing communications for Australia’s Chief Scientist and working on industry policy for the mining equipment, technology and services sector. The graduate programme is also a very supportive place to start a public service career. I’ve had some really good mentors and there are loads of training and development opportunities.


My best advice for you

There’s no such thing as irrelevant work experience. Any work you can do while at university will make your graduate applications stronger. If you can get work in your chosen field then that’s ideal, but even a job in hospitality will show you are responsible and organised, particularly if you still get good marks. Getting involved in student clubs and organisations is also a great way to show leadership and initiative.


Applications for the Departments’s Grad program open March 1 and close April 29

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