Marketing Assistant, Unilever
Bachelor of Business, University of Technology, Sydney


I am 23 years old and recently graduated from UTS. In the summer break before my final semester I took part in the Unilever Summer Internship Program for 3 months in a marketing role. Upon completion of the program I was asked to stay in my role part-time while I completed my studies. After finishing at UTS in June, I moved back to a full time capacity in the same role. I have since been accepted on to the Unilever Future Leaders Graduate Program for 2016. I am entrepreneurial, passionate about sustainable enterprise, and driven by working with brands that have a purpose. The primary reason I applied for Unilever’s internship program was that I felt that Unilever’s core values match well with my personal views and also that there was an opportunity to work with some of the most well-known brands and be able to make a real change. Outside of Unilever, my passions include Sailing, food, sport and travelling.

My Experience at Unilever

What I really liked about this internship was that Unilever gives you real projects and responsibilities from day one. In my role, I was given a similar work load and responsibility of an Assistant Brand Manager. This meant that I had a wide variety of key tasks which offered fantastic experience and really great exposure across the business. One of the best parts of an internship at Unilever is the thought that goes into your own personal development. A lot of the projects I was given had a dual purpose of not only gaining experience, but to personally serve me as a learning opportunity and an opportunity to get myself out there and meet key people across the business. While you are given a great amount of freedom in your role, you also have a line manager that is there for you if you need any help or have questions, which Is very important when you are just starting out.

What was surprising for me was the variety of different skills and tasks you lead when you work in marketing. This range of tasks can include working with our media and creative agencies to adapt assets and strategise the optimal way to implement them through various channels, analysing brand performance in the market-place and leading new innovation projects by working cross-functionally to build your business case – to name a few.


My best advice for you

The best advice I can give is to do your research on the company and identify whether you think it will be a good fit for you. This goes for both the type of work but more importantly the company culture and dynamic. For me, it was the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan that really attracted me to the company as sustainable enterprise is very important to me.

In order to have a successful application and subsequent interviews, I did a lot of research to find what the company values and what they look for in an employee. The most important influence has been my mentor who I owe so much to as they provided me with confidence, answered any questions I had and even helped me by conducting mock interviews to prepare me for the real thing! I still check in with my mentor regularly and I would definitely advise anyone who is about to embark on their career to seek someone who can mentor them.


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