In 2018-2019, make your graduate or undergraduate program a part of Australia’s premier graduate careers resource. This year we are proud to offer your organisation a suite of marketing options that will allow you to reach the right students, the right way.  With our partnership with the National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (NAGCAS), you’ll reach more students with the backing of university staff as well as Australia’s foremost graduate career research organisation, Graduate Careers Australia.

What can Graduate Opportunities offer you in 2018-2019?:

We surveyed GO users and found that the valued and trusted GO directory format must be retained but in a flexible and interactive digital domain. As such, we went fully digital to better serve the changing face of the graduate market. For students, all the careers expertise from NAGCAS represented Universities will be consolidated in GO ebook and website editorial.

Print-on-demand enhanced ebooks

The NEW GO ebook provides a reach to over 1 million students around Australia, with more than 250,000 in their final year of study.


36 of the 39 Australian Universities have NAGCAS representation!


The all new & enhanced ebooks are designed to attract and retain the interest of students. Students will now click straight through to your corporate website, social media and GO online profile, increasing your digital reach. Alternatively, existing profiles from Graduate Opportunities can simply be rolled-over with new information in our easy-to-read page template:


1. Display Ad

Single or double page bookings – no extra cost for colour advertisements.

2. Website & social media listings

Prominent placement for students to click through directly to your site & related pages.

3. Optional Video

Can also be a pop up, giving you more text space.

4. Free text area

Plenty of space for your original content.

5. Logo

…Or use a banner on some double page templates.

6. Key Fact box

Easy reference for students

7. GO Profile URL

Students can click through directly to your profile.


See for yourself! View our 2018 ebook at

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Email blasts

Reach your target segment from a database of approximately 40,000 students from around Australia.
We monitor our mailing list to ensure that you’ll reach active students and graduates by annually removing inactive subscribers – so you can be confident that you’re reaching real subscribers and not just inflated numbers.

Personalised Email Blasts

  • Carefully craft a message to be sent in a solus email under the trusted Graduate Opportunities banner.
  • Choose a specific segment of students to make sure your message is being seen by the right people.
  • Receive detailed performance reports, including how your email performed against our database’s average statistics

» See a personalised employer email in action!


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Online Employer Profiles

Reach more students through our customisable employer profiles
With many of our employer profiles regularly featuring in the top three rankings for high-impression Google Searches, our online profiles are the best way to reach a range of students and graduates in the digital age.


Get the right students, with profiles searchable by:

  • Program type
  • Accepted degree types
  • Sector
  • Work location
  • Citizenship types accepted

Have your own online profile targeted to students and graduates

Flexible Structures to suit you!

  • Tabbed menu structure.
  • Branded Banner on all pages of your profile.
  • Key Facts column makes it easy for students to see important information.
  • Prominent links to your website and social media.
  • Smartphone & tablet compatible
  • Space for Youtube videos, images and more.

» Click here to view a profile in action!

» See all the employers working with GO on our career search page!

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Exclusive branding and sponsorship

See your brand reaching students on our homepage and across our website with several exclusive options.

Get branding on our homepage and throughout our graduate website

1. Sold out for 2018

Hold prime location on the GO homepage in this rotating spot.

2. Featured Employer tile

A premium space on the GO home page (may rotate with other employers to a maximum of 20)

3. Jobs Board

20 word (including heading) ads for your job posting in premium space on the GO homepage

Be at the top of career searches with career search sponsorshipShow your industry leadership by sponsoring an industry profile

Career Search

  • One of the first places students will start their career search is on the GO website Career Search.

Industry Profiles

  • Brand yourself as a representative of your industry by featuring on our industry information pages.
  • Limited bookings only: exclusive sponsorship per industry profile means your profile or website has high visibility.

Career Resources

  • Have prominent exposure on pages with advice students need most.
  • Align yourself with a trusted not-for-profit career resource and research for students & graduates, with content from GCA research and university careers staff.

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Enhanced ebook page sponsorship

Take advantage of even more opportunities to show graduates the benefits and culture at your organisation.

Show your leadership in the industry by publishing an information page for graduates in GO2015

Industry Snapshots*

  • Give students your view of the industry and establish your place in it.
  • Only one employer per industry ensures high exposture.
  • Single and double pages available.
Let your staff do the talking in our Graduate Profiles

Graduate Profiles*

  • Extremely limited space.
  • Used to give students a sense of company culture.

*Images are samples from our 2016 ebook, future ebook designs will differ.

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Download our GO 2018-2019 media kit now

Click here to begin your download of our current media kit.

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Find the best possible package for your needs

GO has been operating under GCA for over fifty years! Speak to a dedicated team who are committed to helping you connect with students in the way that best matches your program, event or promotion.

We’re in the office 9am-5pm AEST, Monday to Friday (except public holidays affecting Melbourne), and can tailor your promotion to fit any budget.

Contact us

Telephone: (+61) 1300 290 604

Email: OR



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