At the University of Melbourne, we understand that it takes people with passion, integrity and commitment to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re inviting high calibre graduates from all disciplines across Australia to launch their professional career with us.

By joining Australia’s No. 1 university, you’ll be able to pursue your career in an inspiring environment surrounded by like-minded colleagues. You can develop your career and leadership potential while building on your professional skills in areas such as finance, marketing, IT, human resources and business administration. More than this, you will be helping the University of Melbourne in its mission to tackle the most pressing issues of our time – from combating climate change and improving global health to addressing social injustice.
If you want to love what you do and build a career you can be proud of, the University of Melbourne is the right choice for you.

Benefits of working with us
Working at the University of Melbourne provides you with an opportunity to:

Work in a culturally inclusive environment
An environment that values learning from diversity, including cultural diversity and diversity of thought. We encourage environmental sustainability, flexible working arrangements, and have a staff giving scheme.

Engage in campus life
Libraries, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne Theatre Company, University clubs and networks.

Develop your career
Career development and education schemes.

Look after your health and wellbeing
Sporting facilities and clubs, health services, optometry services, counselling service, veterinary hospital.

Make your money go further
17% superannuation, salary packaging, Myki commuter club, staff discounts.

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Key Facts


Education & Training


Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences

Position Locations



Applications open on 17 February and close 30 March

Citizenship / Eligibility Requirements

See website for details

Additional Eligibility Information

  • At minimum, a three year university degree completed in 2012, 2013 or graduating in 2014
  • Have ongoing work rights in Australia at the time of application
  • A credit average of 65 or higher


If you have further questions please visit our website

Melbourne Early Career Development Program
A career choice that makes a world of difference


Our Program
Our Program will provide accelerated development and targeted business and management experience for high-potential graduates to develop the next generation of high-calibre managers and leaders for the University.


Development for our early career professionals
Our program provides you with a tailored development program which includes exposure to the day-to-day functions and operations of a variety of business areas such as Finance, Student Services, Research Services, IT, Marketing and Human Resources, allowing the acquisition of practical on-the-job technical skills and knowledge to accelerate your career.


As part of the extensive learning and development program, you will receive targeted induction and orientation,  technical skill development and undertake professional development programs throughout the two years which can then be demonstrated in the job placements.


You will undertake three rotational placements across a range of key University functions in the first two years of employment. The first rotation will be for one year in a ‘home’ division. There will be  placement(s) aligned to your discipline and placements that develop your broader capabilities.


The placements will equip you with a well-rounded and multi-faceted understanding of key areas of the University, allowing you to gain experience and develop expertise towards progressing into more senior professional, managerial or leadership roles in the future.


Roles will generally be located at the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus.

Working for the University of Melbourne means working in a dynamic world class organisation. Our roles develop broad technical and professional skills in a variety of business areas such as Human Resources, Finance and Planning, Marketing, IT, Research Services and Student Services with the opportunity to do placements in other business areas as part of the program. You will be offered a real job as part of a real team to develop real skills.


There will be a placement(s) aligned to your discipline and placements that develop your broader capabilities. Through networking opportunities and access to senior management you will develop your leadership and interpersonal skills.


As our work at the University is varied and our roles span a range of technical capabilities, we encourage graduates from all disciplines to apply.


To provide an indication of where roles might be and the areas involved please refer to the list below:


Human Resources Roles
Human Resources works across a range of areas to make the University of Melbourne a Great Place to Work. Human Resources roles include working directly in business areas providing day to day support and guidance on people management through to specialist services in Fairness and Diversity, Organisational Development, Workplace Relations, Policy and Strategy, Payroll Services, HR Systems, Recruitment and Promotion, and HR Performance Analysis.


Marketing Roles
Professional marketers are required across the University to provide a range of marketing services and deliver strategic marketing plans to support the University’s research, teaching and engagement agendas. The University employs a wide range of marketing professionals including content marketers, brand managers, CRM experts, channel planners, market researchers, integrated campaign planners, social media and events management professionals.


Finance and Planning Roles
In line with the University’s devolved operating structure, finance and planning roles exist at the corporate, shared and local level (faculty/school for example).  You will play an important role in providing financial and planning advice to the University’s senior management to enable sustainable, world class teaching and research. Service areas include business and financial planning, corporate finance, financial systems, taxation and accounting operations.


Melbourne Students and Learning Roles
Melbourne Students and Learning  aims to be recognised as an advocate for student needs, as a partner and resource for faculties and graduate schools, and as the facilitator of a transformative student experience.


Research Services Roles
The University of Melbourne enjoys a strong global reputation for high quality research and research training, and rates highly in international rankings across all major discipline areas.  Good research requires great support and this presents a variety of opportunities and career pathways in research operations. Roles support the advancement of research and provide essential information, documents and tools to research investigators.  Responsibility ranges through different parts of the research life cycle and include grant discovery and proposal development, contract negotiation and submission, award set-up, project execution and management and project financial or non financial reporting.


Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services (ITS) supports and enables the University to achieve new possibilities in teaching, research and community engagement. ITS delivers a comprehensive suite of information and communications technology infrastructure, end user device support, networks, communication, enterprise systems support, solution design and development services. ITS also contributes to the University’s future IT plans and the development of IT services. There is a broad range of IT positions that are continually evolving to meet the University’s current and future needs. This is a dynamic environment striving for service excellence through innovative solutions.

How to apply
Please visit our website and submit your application at


When to apply
Applications will open 17 February 2014 and close 30 March 2014



  • At minimum, a three year university degree completed in 2012, 2013 or graduating in 2014
  • Have ongoing work rights in Australia at the time of application
  • A credit average of 65 or higher

Graduate Profile
We are looking for graduates who possess the following characteristics:

  • Drive for results
  • Team work
  • Strong communication and relationship skills
  • Learning agility
  • Flexibility and change adept
  • Excellent decision making and judgment


As our work at the University is varied and our roles span a range of technical capabilities, we encourage graduates from all disciplines to apply.


Position locations
Roles will generally be located at the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus.


Further information
If you have further questions please visit our website


We look forward to receiving your application!

Grad program 259 Matt Healey
“I’ve been exposed to unique opportunities that I wasn’t expecting”

For Matt Healey, a career at the University of Melbourne provided him with the best of both worlds: the opportunity to work in an area he loves while also completing further studies at the same time– a Master of Environments. “The University of Melbourne is more than just a place to work. I currently volunteer at the Sustainable Living Foundation and the University has been able to accommodate that. Most importantly, though, I’ve been able to successfully integrate my studies with my work. You simply wouldn’t find that flexibility anywhere else”.

Matt is currently employed as a Study Abroad and Exchange Advisor at the Melbourne Law School; a role which he says is forever evolving. “During my time here, I’ve been able to try out different tasks in other areas – learning on the job as I go – which has helped me to establish a satisfying career. Now, with my recent studies completed, I’m hoping to align my job with my own areas of interest and expertise”.

Xin-Fang 041 Xin-Fang Yu
“It’s a community within itself”

According to Xin-Fang Yu, it’s the work environment that makes a career at the University of Melbourne worthwhile. “First of all, it is a beautiful campus. While I was completing my Bachelor of Arts/ Science here, I often used to walk through the gardens to unwind.  These days I still do the same, the only difference is that now I’m a staff member.”

When Xin-Fang started in her role as an Analyst in the Finance and Planning department, she had very little technical knowledge.  Thanks to the support of her manager and colleagues she was given the support she needed to grow into the role. “My team are very enthusiastic and helpful, often I am learning without even realising it. I’ve developed my skills in communication and critical analysis immensely.  Plus the work I do – internal reporting, monitoring budgets, developing performance metrics – allows me to constantly learn more about the University.

”One of the other benefits Xin-Fang cites as being crucial to her decision to pursue a career at the University of Melbourne was the prospect of further studies. “I’m currently doing my Master of International Business, and it is very convenient to be working and studying on campus”.