Want to see what other grads don’t? The ANAO is seeking graduates from multiple degree backgrounds, like Accounting, Finance, Arts, Management, Law, Social Sciences, Public Administration, Commerce, Communication and more.

The ANAO seeks to improve public sector performance and accountability through independent reporting on Australian Government administration to the Parliament, the Executive and the public.

We provide an independent view of the performance and financial management of Australian Government entities, and help to ensure that Australia’s public administration is accountable to Parliament and to the public it serves.

As well as financial audits, we also conduct performance audits and assurance reviews, highlighting areas where improvements can be made to benefit all Australians. Our work has real, immediate impacts on government programs, policies, projects, systems and reporting.

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) is seeking applicants to join their 2018 Graduate Program.

Applications for our 2018 Graduate Program open on Monday 6 February 2017 and close on Sunday 2 April 2017.    

Our Graduate Program was ranked as the #1 Australian Public Service Government agency on the Australian Association of Graduate Employers 2016 list of Australia’s Top 75 Graduate Employers, as voted by graduates.

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Key Facts


Government & Public Sector
Human Resources


Actuarial Studies
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
Environmental Science
Social Work

Position Locations



Applications for our 2018 Graduate Program open on Monday 6 February 2017 and close on Sunday 2 April 2017.

Citizenship / Eligibility Requirements

Australian citizens ONLY

Additional Eligibility Information

Applicants must be willing to undergo a security clearance process.


Apply online at

The ANAO Graduate Program is a one year program where you’ll learn how to give independent analysis and advice on the management of federal government agencies.

Your work will contribute to ensuring that Australia’s public administration is accountable to Parliament and to the public it serves.

We’re the place you want to work, and here are just some of the reasons why:

You’ll see what other grads don’t

With the ANAO, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of multiple government agencies. Why work with one agency when you can work with them all?

You’ll have the chance to work on audits across a range of federal government agencies and entities, covering topics like health and social services, international relations, aged care, national parks and wildlife, finance and tax, Indigenous affairs, national security, science, education and training, agriculture, regional and remote Australia, communication, environment, energy, and much more! You’ll develop a real understanding of what goes on behind policy decisions.

You’ll contribute to meaningful work

At the ANAO, we provide independent analysis and advice on the management of federal government agencies and entities. Our work plays a crucial role in improving financial reporting, program management and information systems across the public service.

You’ll get to work on audits which allow us to better identify where improvements can be made to public administration. The work you do will have real, immediate impacts on government programs, policies, projects, systems and reporting.

You’ll get a lot of different experiences

We don’t just stare at our computer screens all day. We get out and talk to people about their unique experiences with government. You’ll interact with and gather information from other public servants and work on location—sometimes this is in another agency’s offices in Canberra, sometimes it’s in remote Australia, or somewhere else entirely.

You’ll have the chance to stand out

We’re a small, dedicated, responsive organisation. You won’t just be part a production line, and you’re not just a number—our grads have worked on a wide range of audits across many different government agencies and entities. Take a look at our recent graduate profiles to find out more.

You’ll get the chance you challenge yourself

Auditing is not always comfortable work. The work you do with us will sometimes push you outside your comfort zone—you might travel to difficult locations, or address sensitive issues. It can be tough, but you’ll be supported. The experiences you get will be eye-opening, challenging and rewarding.

You’ll get the chance to reach your potential

You’ll receive the support and guidance needed to develop your skills and reach your potential. We provide you study and training opportunities, including a formal qualification appropriate to the Australian Public Service.

You’ll also be given multiple opportunities to move around and work in different areas across the organisation. You won’t be siloed to one area of expertise—we want you to have the full picture of all things ANAO.

We offer you significant benefits such as:

• starting salary from $59 771
• relocation assistance if moving from interstate
• flexible working hours
• generous leave entitlements
• permanent employment on successful completion of the program
• access to study assistance on successful completion of the program.



How to apply

Visit and click apply now. All applications are made through the ANAO’s online recruitment system.

When to apply

Applications for our 2018 Graduate Program open on Monday 6 February 2017 and close on Sunday 2 April 2017.


To be eligible for the position, you must:
◾Have completed a qualifications equivalent to a three-year Australian undergraduate degree or higher, or complete the degree in 2017
◾Be a current Australian citizen, or become a citizen by June 2017
◾Be prepared to undertake an appropriate security clearance
◾Be willing to relocate to Canberra

Note: if you are successful, the ANAO will provide allowances to assist with the move.

Position locations

All positions are located in Canberra.

Further information

For more information on working at the ANAO, visit:

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Lance O’Riley, Recruitment Manager
(02) 6203 7512

We look forward to receiving your application!


kelvin-le-portrait-photo-v0-2     Kelvin—IT Auditor

Degree background: Finance, Information Systems, Accounting 

Our grads do real work from the get go

When I joined the ANAO, I quickly found the agency was a perfect fit for me. I came in with a double degree in Accounting and Information Systems, and was really happy to win a position with one of the few employers that has an IT Audit area and a need for both of my specialties.

In my grad year, I was given more responsibility than I’d ever expected, including the opportunity to make decisions about how I went about my work. I was given the day-to-day management of my own project, analysing a major government system, and it felt like everything was on me. I owned the work from the start—of course, with some basic oversight from my manager. I was able to get help and support from experienced auditors when I needed it, and was responsible for completing the project within a few months. It was one of the scariest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done.


iain-gately-portrait-photo     Iain—Performance Analyst

Degree background: Maritime Archaeology

It’s the job I always wanted, but never knew existed                                                                    

I’m passionate about research and analysis, but wasn’t really sure where that would lead me

once I left uni. Then I found out about the ANAO, and now as a Performance Analyst, I get to determine the questions I want answered, conduct research and then present my findings.

When I joined the ANAO, I was placed in the Indigenous and Employment area. One of the most interesting things I’ve done is travel to places ranging from Alice Springs to Darwin to Melbourne, to meet with service delivery organisations. It was really eye opening, and afterwards, I was responsible for writing an entire chapter of the audit report, which included designing the research questions and analysis behind it. I’m now working in the External Relations area, and have recently been meeting with delegates from Indonesia.

The ANAO has a vested interest in your success—my managers have helped me identify where I can develop, and they’ve made the conscious decision not to just give me the photocopying job. I’ve developed a widely applicable skill set to further my career with. I’m learning new skills and building on what I already know, and my work is always varied and challenging. Performance auditing is the job I always wanted, but never knew existed.


jodie-lake-portrait-photo     Jodie—Assurance Auditor

Degree background: Commerce/Business

The variety of experiences I get helps me grow                                                                           

Working as an Assurance Auditor, I get to look at the bigger picture of government spending.

My job is to examine line items worth billions of dollars in the Federal Budget, and by doing so,

I’m providing the public with information that affects government decision making—it’s important work.

I’m often out and about, working offsite with other agencies and public servants, so there’s a lot of variety in the work I do, as well as how and where I do it. Recently, I worked out of Government House—a unique experience which also pushed my boundaries. Working for the ANAO means I get a lot of different experiences, which is great for my development and lets me build my professional network.

I would definitely recommend working at the ANAO. Because it’s a small organisation, you get the opportunity to stand out—you’re constantly moving, you’ll get to know and work with everyone, including senior executives, and there’s plenty of opportunities to prove yourself.


hannah-climas-portrait-photo     Hannah—Performance Analyst

Degree background: Law, International Studies

You get out what you put in                                                                                                                  

When applying for graduate programs, I had a particular interest in the ANAO. I’d heard their

grads were exposed to a wide breadth of information about the public service, and were given

the opportunity to contribute directly to public governance. It’s where I wanted to be, and I’ve not been disappointed!
Since joining the ANAO, I’ve been able to examine the issues that other public servants don’t, and I’ve developed a real understanding of what goes on behind policy decisions.

As a Performance Analyst in the Education and Health area, I’ve worked on high profile audits, and have been called on to contribute to decisions around what we’ll work on next.

I’ve been given real and valuable work from my first day, and have developed a range of skills in areas I previously held no background or experience in, like how tender applications work.

I’ve found that the ANAO rewards effort—you get out what you put in—and there’s always more to learn and new experiences waiting for you. One of the most rewarding parts of the job, though, is seeing my analysis in print. It’s a real buzz to be able to point at a specific section of an audit report or to something covered in the news, and know that it was my work that contributed to the public discourse.