Consultant/Analyst, Pitcher Partners
Bachelor of Business (Accounting, Banking & Finance), Monash University


I do not have a commercial background nor influence. My background by way of my parents include nursing and import and distribution, where I learnt that dedication and a commitment to hard work are the keys to achieving success.


My Experience at Pitcher Partners

The nature of our work means tasks vary significantly day to day. A typical internal audit begins with client discussions to agree upon scope area and out audit approach.

Thereafter, fieldwork involves working at the clients location, conduction interviews and testing to gain a strong understanding of the process/area under internal audit.

Finally, we consolidate our understanding, findings and recommendations within a report which undergoes considerable review before it is presented to the clients Audit Committee.


My best advice for you

Demonstrate your passion for your chosen career path, pursue your interests and curiosity.

Performance and reliability are stronger with highly motivated individuals. Passionate, charismatic and highly motivated staff are also more likely to integrate within a team if not enhance it.


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