Analyst, Macquarie Group
Bachelor of Commerce – Finance (Honours), The University of New South Wales


I was born and grew up overseas during a civil war and have since endeavoured to make the most of every opportunity. My aim is to try and gain the skills and knowledge of finance that I need to one day help implement strategies to aid in the financial development of countries and communities that are less fortunate than our own.


My Work Experience

There is no such thing as a typical day for a corporate finance analyst, and that’s what adds to the excitement of going into work each morning as you never know what you’ll be doing, or which new concept you will learn about at the end of the day. Often you will be working on at least one mandated deal, so will be engaged in the related work stream for that particular deal. However, if you have capacity, you will often be involved in other workflows across different deals, such as marketing pitches or research tasks. There’s a lot of diversity in the work I do – from prospectus drafting and communicating with clients, to financial modelling, industry mapping and analysing recent sector trends. In corporate finance, you will always be actively engaged; it’s one of the most varied and therefore interesting roles available.


Best Advice

The earlier you start seeking undergraduate work experience, the more of a head start you get on finding your future career, so start actively seeking any opportunities that give you exposure to careers in finance (or whatever industry you may interested in) from day one at university/TAFE. It also gives you more flexibility to try a variety of roles from the diverse opportunities available in the finance industry, so that you can find the one that best suits your interests, skills and aspirations.
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