Master of Engineering with Advanced Studies (Engineering Management), Griffith University Gold Coast Campus


about me

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering in Pakistan and came to Australia to get involved in exciting engineering projects. My current degree enabled me to understand the management and business side of engineering projects. I completed the Industry Affiliates Project at Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd and gained work experience at Gold Coast City Council as part of my degree at Griffith University. As part of the graduate program, I have worked on a water treatment plant and I am currently involved in a road works project. I am enjoying the experience of being a part of these amazing engineering projects.
I have also assisted senior managers in the design and implementation of a shared zone as part of my experience at Gold Coast City Council.


best advice

My best advice to students would be to effectively use the career support services at university, attend networking events (engineering in my case) and be pro-active when looking for jobs.

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