Human Resources Assistant, Habitat for Humanity Vietnam (UWS International Internship Program)
Bachelor of Business & Commerce – Advanced Business Leadership (Management), University of Western Sydney


I’m very passionate about personal and professional development and about gaining the most experience out of what University has to offer. One of these involved going on an international mobility program with UWS where I worked and lived in Vietnam for 5 weeks.


My Work Experience

The work I was doing with Habitat for Humanity was to establish an orientation matrix for new employees in the organisation. This entailed facilitating interviews with managers and department heads within Habitat for Humanity Vietnam, to establish what information they needed new employees to know about their department, and about other departments. Both Habitat for Humanity and UWS were extremely helpful in preparing me for the internship. It was still, however, a culture shock from the moment I touched down in Vietnam. When I wasn’t working I was able to tour around the country, visiting places like Ha Long Bay, the Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Ha Noi and Nha Trang, and meeting many amazing and unforgettable people along the way. Spending 5 weeks on an internship in Vietnam was an amazing experience, a time I will never forget and where I have made many friends for life. Working and living in another country is both challenging and rewarding, with cultural complexities and educational opportunities arising every single day.


Best Advice

Be opportunistic. If you see an opportunity which may be educational or beneficial, don’t pass it up. That opportunity may not come around again and it may be the silver lining in your search for a graduate job.

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