Economic Policy Adviser, Victorian Governement – Department of Premier and Cabinet
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts, Monash University


I am a Victorian public servant and recent graduate with an interest in public policy, particularly relating to economic and industry development. Outside of work my two main passions are sport and travel.


My Experience at the Victorian Government

After completing my undergraduate degree in 2012 I joined the Victorian Public Service through the Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme (GRADS). Since then I have enjoyed a wide range of experiences, including working on the State Budget, writing speaking notes for the Premier, assessing multi-million dollar funding requests and considering important policy issues relating to the transitioning Victorian economy.

Through my work in government and the GRADS I have developed a large professional network representing a variety of cultural and academic backgrounds.

Apart from the great variety of work, the best thing about my job is the opportunity to work on issues which are both topical and important to the Victorian community.


My best advice for you

Be confident in your experiences and abilities and ask lots of questions to determine whether a position is right for you. Most importantly; let your personality come out in interviews – you will be more comfortable, and more likely to impress, if you’re just being yourself.


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