Marketing & Communications Associate, Graduate Careers Australia
Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics), Monash University


I have a lot of part-time work experience in customer service which has complemented the skills required in a communications role. Studying sociolinguistics and intercultural communication allowed me to realise a love for work high in people interaction. I am now undertaking postgraduate study to further enhance my technical skills.


My Experience at Graduate Careers Australia

I must admit, after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics I was a little stuck to which career direction I should take. I applied to GCA as an Administration Assistant, and after much mentoring guidance I have expanded my skills and now work alongside the Sales and Marketing team. Working for a not-for-profit is an enlightening experience – the GCA team are very friendly and I feel very much supported by them – career-wise and personally.


My best advice for you

Studying a general degree, such as in Arts, can be confusing and daunting when it comes to selecting a career path. I decided the best thing for me to do was to get decent work experience under my belt. Once you start at an organisation, you’ll be surprised at the opportunities that may crop up.

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