Consultant, KPMG
Bachelor of Computer Science, The University of Western Australia


I completed a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Western Australia prior to joining KPMG. I feel very fortunate to have joined an organisation like KPMG where I can thrive both professionally and socially. KPMG support me with further learning and encourage me to succeed in all aspects of my life. I was surprised by the degree diversity in the Management Consulting team at KPMG, I work with people with engineering degrees, teaching degrees and even health degrees.


My Experience at KPMG

Since joining KPMG I have been involved in IT internal and external audits, IT Health Checks, a contract management and workforce review and a few business development opportunities.

My next job is the go-live readiness assessment of a major company’s major Oracle upgrade, which I am very much looking forward to. The first jobs I was on were IT internal and external audits, which are a good base to gather knowledge about different enteprise software and involves a fair bit of client interaction. I was also involved in contract management and workforce reveiw, which was a really interesting job and something completely different to what I had already done before! The learning curve is steep at KPMG but with the right attitude, you will enjoy the ride!


My best advice for you

I would encourage students to be well rounded individuals by engaging in any extra-curricular activities whilst giving it your best academically at all times. This will ensure that your application stands out from the lot! I would also advise students to attend career fairs, join forums and attend any networking session at uni or TAFE whenever possible.


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