Social workers play an important – though often challenging – role in society. There are a range of different careers that fall under the social work banner. For those who can manage it, the work is incredibly fulfilling and makes a real difference to the lives of many people. Social workers are always in high demand.

The work

humanresourcespersonThere are many roles in the social work sector. Here are just a few:

Aged Care Professionals help people of an age where they may need extra help because they are unable to adequately take care of themselves any longer. Professionals in this line of work are able to make the quality of elderly persons’ lives better, and to allow these people to feel valued.

Child Welfare Workers look out for the interests of children by investigating children at high risk. This role can often lead to confrontational situations, but the opportunity to educate parents who haven’t had  support or access to information can be highly rewarding.

Disability Workers offer care, support and a range of activities to people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities. Work in this role involves emotional maturity to treat the people you work with  respect while still catering to their special needs.
Other roles can involve finding community housing, counselling and advising, clerical and organisational, language support and project management.

What you need

  • A degree in social work, with necessary specialisations
  • Emotional maturity, and space to ‘debrief’ after tough work sessions
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong interpersonal relationship skills

Occupation profile

Social Workers

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Average weekly earnings
(Full time workers, before tax)
Recent job growth
82.9%over 5 years
How many in this position are working full time? Future employment growth
socialworkpie 71.2%
Strong growth

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