Information technology (IT) and Information and communications technology (ICT) represent two of the most exciting areas of employment for new graduates. Careers in IT & ICT now encompass a broad number of areas from business consulting, development and sales to technical roles. In addition,  IT & ICT professionals work in a variety of sectors including finance, property and business services, as well as the primary IT & ICT sectors.

The work

informationtechnologyictpersonThe range of occupational pathways in ICT continues to expand as technology penetrates more and more aspects of daily life. Common areas of work for ICT graduates include: software engineering and programming; systems analysis and administration; general ICT management; multimedia development; and ICT support.

Employment opportunities for ICT graduates are strong. The ICT industry did not succumb to the effects of the recent Global Financial Crisis as compared with many other sectors, and ongoing investment in technology and IT infrastructure suggests strong employment growth in the coming years.

The industry has developed a unique corporate culture in which flexible employment conditions are commonplace.
ICT skills transfer easily from one country to the next, so experienced ICT professionals can expect to find career opportunities almost anywhere in the developed world.

What you need

  • A high level of technical expertise, with specific ICT skills varying widely from job to job
  • Adaptability to work in a true globally integrated environment
  • An ability to interpret technical requirements and communicate them to non-technical people
  • An ability to understand and learn emerging technologies

Occupation profile

ICT Support Technicians

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Average weekly earnings
(Full time workers, before tax)
Recent job growth
13.2%over 5 years
How many in this position are working full time? Future employment growth
informationtechnologyictpie 89.6%
Very strong growth

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