An organisation’s human resources, or human capital, are the people employed by the organisation and what every organisation depends upon to operate successfully. HRM refers to the activities and people that assist the organisation to meet its operational objectives by providing a motivated, well-trained workforce that understands the business and can contribute to its objectives.

HR is an area of continual change and is always responding to the business environment. HR is increasingly central to the success of Australian organisations – both large and small.

The work

humanresourcespersonThere are a diverse range of functional areas that fall under the HRM banner, including: workforce planning and recruitment, occupational health and safety/risk management, selection and induction, performance management, training and development, remuneration and benefits, equal employment opportunity, HR information systems (HRIS), IR, organisational change and international HRM.

The direct method to enter HRM is to undertake a specialised HR or business degree with a major in HR or IR, and from there, work experience in a base-level HR position. Junior positions may involve activities such as payroll administration and working with HRIS.

Many HR positions are created by growth in an organisation and by the realisation that there is a need to ‘look after the people’. In small to medium-sized organisations there is a tendency to appoint someone already employed within the organisation with a good understanding of the business to undertake HR activities, rather than recruit a specialist from outside the business.

What you need

  • HR or business degrees are preferred
  • Arts, finance, marketing, psychology and science degrees are widely accepted
  • Postgraduate course in HR management is highly recommended for graduates seeking to move into this area from a non-HR background
  • A strong business acumen is highly regarded

Occupation profile

Human Resource Professionals

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Average weekly earnings
(Full time workers, before tax)
Recent job growth
12.3%over 5 years
How many in this position are working full time? Future employment growth
humanresourcespie 84.3%
Very strong growth

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