Engineering is a vast and varied industry. An in-demand profession, Engineers will find there are many opportunities all over Australia.

The work

buildingconstructionpersonChemical engineers study the transformation process of raw materials into usable end products.

Civil engineers are involved in the planning, design and construction of the built environment and the physical infrastructure that supports modern society. This encompasses all forms of construction including bridges, dams, sewerage systems, large buildings, railways and harbours.

Electrical engineers are responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining the systems used for the generation, transmission and utilisation of electricity.

Electronics engineers specialise in the use of electronics such as those found in computer, communication and telecommunication systems.

Environmental engineers assess and manage the effects of human and other activity on the natural environment.

Mechanical engineers design, organise and manage the construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment and machinery.

Mining engineers specialise in mine development and management, extractive technology, mine reclamation and minerals processing.

What you need

  • Work experience in the relevant field is highly attractive to employers
  • Further training courses or double degrees, e.g. engineering/law or engineering/commerce, are highly regarded and increase career opportunities in later years

Occupation profile

Civil Engineering Professionals

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Average weekly earnings
(Full time workers, before tax)
Recent job growth
31.7% over 5 years
How many in this position are working full time? Future employment growth
engineeringpie 91.6%
Moderate growth

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