The world of professional accounting is bigger than you might think – there is no one answer to the question “What does a CPA do?”

Accounting positions are in every part of business and take on a wide range of roles, from payroll officer to CEO to chair of the board. Many CPAs are business leaders. They work in a variety of organisations, including small businesses, large corporations, multi-national investment firms, government and private practice.

As a CPA, you’ll be equipped with the ability to analyse and interpret financial and non-financial information, so you can advise a company on where it stands and where it’s headed. You will be recognised as a trusted adviser.

Here are a few examples of the positions open to CPAs:

Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for keeping an organisation financially healthy. This means analysing data, presenting reports and creating strategies for success. CFOs must also establish the best way to drive a business to where it needs to go. If you enjoy being in control, this could be the role for you.

Forensic accountant

The detectives of the finance world. They track and analyse data to find missing funds, trace illegal business activites and identify fraud. It’s a chellening and exciting field that could take you anywhere.

Counter-terrorism financial investigator

Works with the police on financial matters relating to persons of interest in ongoing investigations.

Environmental accountant

Takes a ‘green’ approach to making money and finds ways to ensure a company is environmentally responsible and profitable. They enjoy great professional rewards while helping the planet.

International accounting specialist

Part of a network of professionals helping manage cross-border transactions, global trade agreements and overseas investments. A great career if you like your work fast-paced and ever-changing.

Accounting risk analyst

Risk analysts identify any strategic and operational risks. Plus, provide the necessary solutions to help an organisation cope. You’ll need exceptional analytical skills and the ability to perform under pressure.

Associate at a major accounting firm

All-rounders who manage a range of accounts. Graduates who work for the major accounting firms are mentored by some of the most expereinced accountants in the industry and look after a variety of organisations.

Strategic procurement manager

The masterminds behind organisational deals. They perform market research to identify supplier best practice and capabilities, develop evaluation plans and look after complex contracts. If you have a strategic mind and the ability to negotiate in tricky situations, this could be the perfect role for you.

When you want to start a career that opens you up to limitless options, become a CPA and make an impact on business.

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